February 5, 2023

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Mattress Firm drops R/GA as creative agency of record

“Great ideas are currency,” Washington continued in the memo. “Just as you would never throw away a used dollar, look at great creative work in the same light. With that, as we move forward and work with you all to align on your next steps (projects, client teams, etc.), I don’t want you to look at your incredibly hard work as a waste. Rather, it’s time to spend it on other endeavors and get some work out. I appreciate you all and thank you again for rocking so hard with us this far.”

Mattress Firm wasn’t immediately available for comment. A spokeswoman for R/GA confirmed that Mattress Firm is still a client, but did not comment on the contents of the memo by deadline.

The company had previously worked with Droga5, which created notable campaigns including its most recent “Junk Sleep” brand platform, which focused on the negative effects lack of sleep has on people. Mickey Mericle joined as the company’s chief marketing officer in April. She previously served as the CMO of pool and spa care company Leslie’s.

It appeared from the memo that R/GA has still been working on an execution for the client, given the first sentence of Washington’s memo. “I want to sincerely thank you all for the incredible hustle over the last two weeks and weekends on Mattress Firm, the work is looking really tight, and we started the week on a positive note with great feedback on Friday’s shoot, a tight and fruitful design conversation and our ongoing activation work for Mr. Irrelevant.”

While the character was not defined in the memo, “Mr. Irrelevant” is a nickname given to the last draft pick in each NFL Draft. This year it was given to quarterback Brock Purdy, who is currently starting for the San Francisco 49ers. It’s unconfirmed if the activation is referring to something that involved Purdy.



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