February 4, 2023

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Dagger launches TV development company

The endeavor reunites Dagger VP Group Creative Director Lance Krall with Tara Ochs, who launched Picture It Productions in 2016. During the company’s four-year run, the pair worked with producers such as Jerry Bruckheimer, Laurence Fishburne and Drew Barrymore as well as CBS Studios. Ochs joins as Dagger Originals head of development.

Krall, a Hollywood alumnus who wrote for hit TV shows including “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Last Man Standing,” joined Dagger in 2021 and will add the title of head of TV at Dagger Originals. 

Dagger Originals will focus on developing new programming in the network, cable and streaming spaces and will be separate from the agency’s traditional advertising output. An advertising agency creating original TV content makes sense to Krall, who says that one of the biggest challenges is packaging the idea with the right writer or producer to be attractive to networks and streaming services. 

“In order to get people interested, you have to sell the idea to them in a way that is easily digestible,” he said. “An advertising agency with the ability to do amazing pitch decks and have strategic insights can help market that idea to attract talent and ultimately sell that idea to the marketplace.” 


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