February 5, 2023

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Why Super Bowl ads will likely bypass influencers

For something that takes up as much marketing budget as a Super Bowl ad, “brands are cautious, and they want to go with something tried and true that they feel comfortable with,” said Danielle Wiley, CEO and founder of influencer marketing agency Sway Group. 

Wiley also said she thinks viewers will see more “typical celebrities” starring in the ads. Brands will “want to do what they perceive as playing it safe,” she said, and influencers don’t fall into that category. Traditional celebrities have long been part of the Super Bowl playbook—in the past 25 years, about a third of Big Game ads have included them, according to Sports Business Journal.

“I think the Super Bowl is no different than marketing as a whole—the industry is extremely scared of risk and taking chances,” said Kaylen McNamara, senior VP of new business operations at VaynerX, who was Vayner’s account lead for the Sabra Super Bowl ad starring D’Amelio. 

“In any circumstance where we’re anticipating financial downturn, marketers tend to stick to what is tried and true because they want the most ROI with whatever dollars that they have left to spend,” said Annelise Campbell, CEO and founder of influencer talent agency CFG—which has done influencer activations for brands including Lifewtr around the Super Bowl.

She added that it would make “a lot of sense to her” if brands go back to what they know has worked in the past “versus taking a big bet and a risk on something new that might not have that payout.” That’s especially the case, she said, for a moment as pricey as the Super Bowl.


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