February 4, 2023

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33 ad execs predict 2023 trends: AI, inclusivity, back to the office

Ryan Kutscher, founder and CEO, Circus Maximus

“I predict a de-bullshitificaion of marketing. While lots of people are going to continue to get lost in the ever-changing mechanics of marketing, those people will turn to drugs and alcohol to soothe the pain, anxiety, and confusion. Successful marketers will rise above tactical maneuvering mayhem to focus on simplification: landing their story clearly, getting to the heart of how they help their communities, and creating content that communicates that value. “

Cristina Lawrence, exec VP of consumer and content experience, Razorfish

“The initial hype around Web3 and the metaverse may have eased for some marketers, and the ongoing crypto winter may give others pause. In this light, it’s important to think about the potential of Web3 as an emerging area for creative innovation—very separate from speculative cryptocurrency. We may see that this macro-trend extends into new terminology (that’s less loaded) as people shy away from Web3 nomenclature and its associated baggage.”

Sean Lyons, CEO, R/GA

An “important priority is to become the essential partner for your clients during an uncertain economy. We are in a volatile market with limited visibility and this creates stress for everyone including our clients and their customers. So, understand that this uncertainty will mean your clients will need to do more with less in 2023. Have empathy for their situation, really work to master their business, and most importantly apply your creativity, in all forms and all mediums to creatively solve the problem at hand.”

Andréa Mallard, CMO, Pinterest

“As an industry, we must prioritize content and engagement that actually inspires and enriches people—not what hooks, inflames, or addicts. The promise of the Internet was closer connection to one another and easier access to the world’s best ideas, but we seem to have lost our way. Let’s resolve to build technology that brings out our best instincts—not our worst.”

Kenny Mitchell, CMO, Snap

“Relationships with real friends and family will increase in importance in 2023. Studies show that strong friendships are one of the best defenses against challenges like depression and anxiety.  We also know that the strongest source of influence and recommendation, from restaurants, to clothes, to travel, comes from people you know and trust. That’s why I believe real friends and family will play an increasingly important role in helping to manage the uncertainty of the year ahead, while also serving as a source of real influence on how people choose to spend their time and money.”

Sarah Penny, content and research director, The Influencer Group

“We are going to see is that brands are a bit more aware of needing influencers to work more for the money. That might mean that they’re using fewer influencers, or it might be that they work with more influencers, but on a lower tier. So, rather than putting all their money into one ambassador, which is quite risky if it doesn’t work out, they might work with micro-influencers who can mitigate the risk and also try different things and experiment a bit … We’re going to see much more effective use of virtual influencers. Brands are keen to get ahead within the metaverse, and using virtual influencers in a virtual space is kind of the perfect option.”


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