February 5, 2023

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How Levi’s is tapping into TikTok, conscious consumerism and live shopping trends

At 150, Levi Strauss & Co. might be an old brand, but it’s tapping into young trends. The brand has focused recent marketing on attracting younger Gen Z consumers who care about environmental issues such as sustainability, even as it continues to court the older customers who helped sustain Levi’s standing as a household name.

“We’re a very democratic and inclusive brand—we connect with folks from zero to 99,” Karen Riley-Grant, who was named chief marketing officer in 2021, said on a recent episode of the Marketer’s Brief podcast. “We have, in the last five to seven years, really sharpened our focus on Gen Z to make sure we’re cementing the fan base for the next 150 years—but we’re doing it in a way that’s not alienating our loyal consumer.”


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