February 6, 2023

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Agency news you need to know: Jan. 6 2022

“This charming new brand world and character brings the highly recognized on-pack Angel Baby to life, giving the brand an ownable personality with entertainment value, which is hard to come by in a low-involvement category like bath tissue,” Nicole Cook, senior director of brand building at Angel Soft, said in a statement.

The new campaign and brand identity launched this month on TV, streaming video, social, audio and shopper marketing, along with a refreshed Angel Soft website. 

New Stagwell units at CES

CES kicked off this week, during which Stagwell Group launched a new business unit within its Stagwell Marketing Cloud. Within that business unit sits ARound, a shared augmented reality platform for stadiums that launched last year and has already been used by the Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Ram during live games. 

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Also within the unit is a QR Code-powered advertising platform for restaurants and bars. This will give brands the chance to promote themselves when customers scan QR codes used to display menus on their phones at restaurants and bars. Once scanned, ads can promote a specialty cocktail or recommend a wine to pair with a dinner meal, for example.

Stagwell’s travel media company, Ink, also launched a new platform called The Travel Marketplace that gives marketers access to branding opportunities across 90 North American airports through airport TV screens, WiFi sponsorship, inflight entertainment and more.

Stagwell’s Gale, meanwhile, launched its own innovation unit called Advance Party.


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