February 4, 2023

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How Reddit can help brands predict future consumer trends

For instance, on the subreddit for entomophagy, people discuss, well, eating insects. Insect protein is viewed as a futuristic cuisine because of its potentially lower impact on the environment compared to mass animal farming. Reddit’s insights team also looked at subreddits that discussed nootropic designer drugs, artificial intelligence and themes like the coming “singularity.” Reddit found that users were discussing concepts like robot companions, lab-grown organs and space tourism.

Reddit then surveyed its communities for a sense of when people think these technologies will go mainstream. By 2025, people predicted a rise in insect-based dieting, metaverse adoption, and AI-generated music. By 2029, Redditors in the “futurology” community expected digestible bots for use in nanomedicines. There will be robot chefs by 2035, and space tourism by 2050, Redditors predicted.

Reddit is using its forecasts as a catalyst to reach marketers at CES. Brands such as L’Oréal, PepsiCo, BMW and Lowe’s are at CES, among others. The conference covers topics ranging from food tech to electric vehicles to AI. Beauty, health and wellness brands could consult Reddit for ideas about products. Food brands could use the data to understand developing tastes.

“There may be innovations that [brands are] sitting on and they’re thinking, ‘Is now the time to launch it, should I move forward with it,’” Gaige said about advising brands with Reddit data. “This might give them a little bit of a radar.”

Reddit shares this type of data with brands as part of advertising relationships, and it creates bespoke reports for different brands to help them plan campaigns on the platform. Reddit also uses the insights to inform its own marketing plan.


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