February 6, 2023

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Top 5 best celebrity brand ads ranked: January 5, 2023

4. Drew Brees x PointsBet

In early December, former NFL quarterback Drew Brees appeared to be the victim of a lightning strike while filming a commercial for sports betting company PointsBet. The video, depicting a crew preparing to film a spot featuring Brees on a stormy night before a flash of light cuts the wobbly footage, was immediately the subject of suspicion for internet sleuths, raising even more eyebrows when PointsBet posted hours later saying it would “not be making any further comment” on the situation. Inevitably, the company tweeted another video with Brees “buzzin’” about a promo in which PointsBet was offering free “lightning bets,” or in-game wagers. In addition to drumming up a bit of controversy, the original video snagged over 4.4 million views on Twitter.


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