February 5, 2023

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CES 2023: Pinterest shows how retail media networks and data clean rooms collide

Pinterest announced a new data clean room collaboration with LiveRamp and the grocer Albertsons at CES in Las Vegas, where the advertising industry continues to show its fascination with all things related to data and retail media.

Pinterest became the latest internet ad company to embrace the clean room concept, announcing its deal to use LiveRamp, the digital data and identity platform, as a third-party to be the intermediary for sharing insights with marketers like Albertsons. Albertsons is building a retail media network just like Walmart, Kroger, Target and other major stores, that leverage their relationships with customers, and the data that comes with it, to help brands advertise more effectively.

“We’re starting by partnering with retail media networks who often need custom options to report campaign effectiveness on a granular, brand-by-brand basis,” Bill Watkins, Pinterest’s chief revenue officer, said in the announcement.

Pinterest did not disclose what other retail media networks could use LiveRamp’s clean room technology. The idea is that Albertsons, which runs the Albertsons Media Collective, takes first-party data about consumers, such as sales information, and matches it with data about ad campaigns on Pinterest, using LiveRamp as the secured location to play with the data. “Our initial test pilot focuses on enabling closed-loop measurement,” said Kristi Argyilan, senior VP retail media, Albertsons Media Collective, in the announcement. “This partnership will ultimately provide our team a more holistic view of our customers’ digital footprint to unlock more advanced measurement capabilities.”

Now, data clean rooms are still evolving, and what constitutes a data clean room is an ongoing discussion. This week, Brian Lesser, CEO of InfoSum, the data tech provider, was at CES discussing the clean room craze with OMD at C Space, the marketer event within CES. “Within the clean room ecosystem, we have to be careful that we’re not lumping things together,” Lesser said in a phone interview. “Our perspective is a clean room has to be decentralized, it has to involve non-movement of data, and that data can never be commingled in a database.”


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