February 6, 2023

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CES 2023 updates: metaverse’s more practical side explored by brands

IBM is intentionally branding the tool as using XR tech because it wants to convey a connection to reality, not a divergence from it, said Randi Stipes, chief marketer of IBM Watson Advertising. Calling it a metaverse tool, for example, might be accurate, but doing so could also have an unwanted effect on how consumers perceive the tool. The same goes for using related but distinct terms like VR, AR or MR (mixed reality).

Meanwhile, L’Oréal unveiled a makeup tool that hinges on AR technology. Called Brow Magic, the gadget works by prompting the user to first scan their face inside a mobile app. AR simulations of various brow looks, varying by shape and thickness, are then presented to the user, who makes a selection, holds the Brow Magic to their brow and the gizmo prints it like a temporary tattoo.

AR makeup simulation has long been a popular tool offered by cosmetics brands, but L’Oréal’s gadget takes it a step further by pairing the simulation with a machine that can accurately print it on a face. Like IBM’s weather tool, Brow Magic connects metaverse technology to real world applications.

Auto takes to the metaverse

At CES, no industry is more keenly demonstrating the practical side of the metaverse than automotive. 

Stellantis, which owns brands such as Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, teamed with Microsoft to create a showroom in the metaverse at the Fiat booth. Guests can enter the showroom to engage with, configure and even purchase a Fiat 500 model. And the best part is that no headset is required.


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