February 6, 2023

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Marketing trends for Jan. 6, 2023

General Motors: The automaker reclaimed the U.S. sales crown after its vehicle deliveries reached 2.258 million last year, up 2.5%, besting Toyota, whose 2.1 million U.S. sales marked a 9.6% decrease from 2021, reports Automotive News.


Shopify: Meeting haters might want to subtly clue in their bosses about Shopify’s recently announced goal for 2023—fewer meetings! The Canadian tech company, which provides e-commerce services to retailers, said it plans to clear calendars of “all previously scheduled recurring meetings involving three or more people,” according to a report in CNN. Shopify will also have meeting-free Wednesdays and Thursday meetings with groups larger than 50 people will occur only in a six-hour timeframe, the company said. In the Zoom era of remote work, too many meetings has been a common complaint among staffers—and perhaps with good cause. Some studies show that 70% of meetings actually prevent employee production. Let’s hope Shopify is onto something other employers will follow.


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