February 6, 2023

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CES 2023: Reddit, Pinterest preach brand safety amid Twitter chaos

The brain power of Reddit’s community itself has become a lighthearted selling point for the platform. Its party at CES had a “telling the future” theme, which hinges on the notion that Redditers have accurately predicted scores of trends and ideas long before they reached the mainstream. Many of these predictions, on topics from bitcoin to veganism, decorated the walls at the party. Even branded tarot cards and “communi-tea” leaves—a play on the divination practice of tasseography—were available.

The Reddit community also plays a major role in the platform’s brand safety proposition, Reddit’s chief marketer Roxy Young told Ad Age at CES. Each community has rules of its own and incentives for enforcing those rules. The result, at least for most subreddits, is fewer surprises for advertisers.

Avoiding TikTok-like baggage 

Meanwhile, TikTok has been the source of another headache to roil marketers planning their social media spend. The possibility of a nationwide ban by the U.S. government, while unlikely, is a major concern, especially given that the main issue has to do with access to data. Even if TikTok is allowed to stay, data-collecting practices on the platform could see significant changes. 

This makes data and measurement assurances from Pinterest and Reddit all the more welcoming to marketers. Pinterest, in particular, has made strides to expand other areas of its business into ad-measurable capabilities. Shopping, for example, can now be done entirely within the Pinterest app, allowing the platform to show brands that it is not merely driving inspiration to products, but also driving purchases.


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