February 5, 2023

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Stella Artois Unfiltered – ‘beer au naturel’ outdoor mural (2023) OOH (UK) Adland®

Last year, Stella Artois did a print campaign showing “Beer, au naturel.” The concept was set in a French town where everyone was as natural as the unfiltered Stella Artois, so basically it was a nudist town.

Well, the nudist concept is back and bigger than ever. As the first of a few scantily-clad activations to continue the ‘Au Naturel’ campaign into 2023, Mother has just released a cheeky special-build OOH piece in London – and this time a few strategically placed windows helped them hide the naughty bits. That’s quite funny.

To celebrate Stella Artois Unfiltered being launched on tap, the Belgian beer brand has created a playful mural in the vicinity of partnering drinking establishments. In line with its cheeky ‘beer au naturel’ campaign, the artwork plays with the building’s architecture to incidentally conceal the modesty of the characters. 


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