February 6, 2023

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IKEA – The troll – (2023) 2:00 (Canada) Adland®

This is all very Scandinavian (or Nordic) in its roots as we watch a child arriving at a forested area where a real-life Troll takes a toll. 

Instead of walking with his schoolmates on the highway he decides to cross through the fields and the forest to find the troll, and he discovers the bridge that the troll lives under. 

Now that he sees the troll has issues keeping even a match alight, he decides to redecorate the troll’s lair. 

Now, no one needs to wait for the troll to open the gate to cross the bridge any longer. Joy? 


I don’t know where you, dear reader, are from. But to me, this was a really sad story, because the troll is no longer needed, wanted, or even working. Kinda depressing. His job used to be to open that gate. But then, probably unlike Canadians, I grew up on Troll fairy tales and found this a bit sad. 


“We know through our annual Life at Home research that there’s a direct relationship between how our homes feel and how we feel,” said Johanna Andren, head of marketing at IKEA Canada. “With this campaign, we wanted to demonstrate how IKEA can influence that relationship between our home and wellbeing.”

“The story of the troll, while fantastical, is also grounded in a human truth that we can all relate to. Through the relationship between the caring boy and the grumpy troll, we see that with a little meaningful attention, we can transform our space, and our lives.”


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