February 5, 2023

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Sofology – Feel at home / "Once upon a me-time" / "Nothing to-do-list" – printads

Sofology is back with Helena Bonham Carter in its first work created by The Corner London. Picking up where the previous campaign left off, Helena Bonham Carter now welcomes us to a topsy-turvy upside-down everything home in the advert called “Nothing feels like” which you can view under that link. 

Sebastian Brown, Creative Director at Sofology, explains the concept: 

“We wanted this campaign to really focus on magnifying what it feels to ‘feel at home on a sofa you love’ and that incredible bliss when your sofa is the best place in the world. The TV ad spearheads the ‘Nothing feels like’ campaign, and lays a strong brand communication platform through the customer journey. The whole process is a great example of how in-house creative has successfully collaborated with the agency world.”

Tom Ewart, chief creative officer and founding partner at The Corner, said the film aims to capture how a Sofology sofa feels, not physically but “emotionally”.
“That feeling when you flop down after a hard day’s work and everything feels just right again. The world is as it should be.”

The print follows this thought as well, with lines like “Once upon a me-time” and “Nothing to-do-list”. Feel at home on a sofa you love.


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