February 5, 2023

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Ad job recruiters are preaching more flexible roles in 2023

Everything is integrated

Laura Pesin Eder, chief operating officer of MMI Agency, said ad agencies like hers are looking to fill new roles that encompass several disciplines including integrated account strategist, which she said is essentially someone who understands how all aspects of marketing work to drive the best outcomes for clients.

“We’re highly interested in those truly integrated thinkers that see the connections between the right audience, story and channel; those who understand that the lines are blurred and that blurring can drive greater impact for the business and for the customer,” Pesin Eder said.

Chief marketers are also being asked to juggle more responsibilities as companies face immense pressure to keep up with a host of emerging trends and issues including evolving data privacy laws, the proliferation of retail media and the rise of new social and streaming TV platforms.

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For example, plant-based food company Impossible Foods just hired Sherene Jagla, former Newell Brands senior VP and general manager, as its first chief demand officer to oversee all sales, marketing, insights and product development as one integrated team. “Our next phase of growth requires tight integration across teams and disciplines, and Sherene knows how to do that and build organizations that scale,” Impossible Foods President and CEO Peter McGuinness said in a statement on her appointment.

Patti McConnell, co-founder and managing partner of independent ad agency Something Different, said ad employees themselves want more freedom to be able to redefine what they do and dabble in different areas versus being beholden to a specific title.

“Hybrid is everywhere,” McConnell said. “Creative teams often have shared roles; sometimes, an art director writes the end line, or the writer has a strong design aesthetic. We’re seeing the emergence of ‘creative strategists,’ individuals with multiple skill sets who want the room to inform different disciplines that broadly encompass positioning, social strategy and content creation. I find this refreshing, as someone who has always questioned the prescriptive titles, many of which were historically given to replace raise increases.”


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