February 6, 2023

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CES 2023—how brands are leveraging technology for inclusivity, equity and sustainability

These innovations embrace the idea that equality through innovation is possible when we enable humans to be their truest selves by leveraging technology and creativity.

Simplicity by making health data more accessible

A company called Nuralogix has done the impossible … it’s made selfies decidedly more useful. Using your mobile phone’s video camera, technology examines your face for 30 seconds to measure a host of vital stats including heart rate, blood pressure, stress, depression, body mass index, skin age, and your level of risk for hypertension, stroke and heart disease.

GutNote from Suntory, the Japanese beverages company, shared the world’s first smartphone application that enables users to check their gut health through the sound of their peristaltic motion—wave-like muscle contractions that move food through the digestive tract. The application uses AI to analyze bowel sounds and analyze each person’s gut health and customize dietary suggestions according to individual conditions.

The world is at another pivotal moment. There is global social and political unrest and a pandemic that is not quite done with us—not to mention persistent supply chain obstacles and significant tech and marketing layoffs. It’s in these times when we are most in need of humans and machines to collaborate—rather than compete.

The clarion call for companies and brands is to identify how they can partner with and leverage innovations in support of humanity. CES revealed the secret behind unlocking meaningful Web3 and metaverse strategies, and it’s quite simple. AI, VR and the Metaverse shine brightest when they are leveraged as platforms to introduce innovations, executions and activations that make us more equal. Gadgets that wow engage audiences for just a moment. But those people and things that make our lives better stay with us for a lifetime.


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