February 5, 2023

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Multi-currency TV measurement is causing tension within the industry

The report was commissioned by the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, Association of National Advertisers and 4A’s.

Many of the report’s top-line findings are unsurprising and have previously been reported or widely discussed. Those include that the transition to new measurement currencies is happening in phases, with the industry currently in “test and learn” mode. Respondents also widely expect a “multi-currency” future with two to three, or in some cases, as many as five vendors.

The report also finds that despite the proliferation of “big data” sets from millions of set-top boxes and smart TVs, household panels will remain important for calibration and validation. And it finds that most industry collaboration is taking place between networks and agencies rather than “within constituencies,” i.e. between agencies.

But details within the report and respondent commentary provide some more interesting takeaways. Here are some of the key findings. 

‘Tension triangle’

One media agency executive cited a “tension triangle” in which each side of the business—media, agency and marketer—is trying to play the measurement game to its own advantage. “The sell side is only interested in adopting alternative currencies that make them look as good or better than the benchmark,” said another media agency executive.

Joint Industry Committee has support

The Joint Industry Committee approach that five leading media companies announced for developing streaming measurement standards and certifying vendors has some broader industry support. “There is a high level of interest across key constituents in a Joint Industry Committee” approach similar to what exists in the U.K. and several other countries, the report concludes.


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