February 5, 2023

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R/GA CMO Ashish Prashar to depart

“As we look at many of the social justice movements that have brought about significant change in the world, exposure is the one thing that stands out for me. If those that are impacted most and the people that are able to make the change are not aware then it is impossible for such change to happen. Ashish understood this clearly,” said Michael “Zaki” Smith, an entrepreneur and activist that works with Clean Slate, said in a statement. 

Prashar says he will be working on an autobiographical book that will touch his experience in politics, incarceration, and time as a journalist.

“I’ve had a transformative life experience, going from prison to working in politics to now working here as a CMO,” said Prashar, who was incarcerated for theft at age 17. “And always being the first is a lonely road. And I hope my story can inspire so many other people to believe that they can transform their lives, but also inspire businesses and society to look at formerly incarcerated people differently when they read that story.

The book will also touch on his time in the agency world at R/GA and Publicis with a focus on how he believes the power of the industry isn’t used to its full potential.

“I think it’s used phenomenally for the businesses that we do work with. It’s used to transform how they deal with customers and whatever else, but I only feel like we’re scratching the surface of that power,” for doing good in the world, added Prashar. 

Prashar hinted that he will be taking on a new role in a few months that isn’t exactly agency work, but “close to advertising.” 

“Every single time I have made a career move or career change, it has been because it was my time. Now is that time for me as I continue my journey and move on to what’s next,” Prashar said. “I’m so grateful to R/GA for the confidence they had in me from the very beginning, and for the opportunity to see what could be accomplished by allowing me to bring my own flair and style to the role. I do know where I’m going from here and I promise it won’t be boring.”


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