February 6, 2023

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Why now is the right time for Web3 trailblazers

Ad agencies and brands need more help than ever to understand what parts of Web3 will transform their businesses. Marketers also need to know the pitfalls—and benefits—of the metaverse and crypto communities. Whether brands like it or not, their logos, icons, services and products will be dragged into the metaverse. Just look at McDonald’s after an enthusiastic Web3 creator started a project called McRTFKT earlier this year, which blended the fast-food chain and Nike’s RTFKT in a surreal mashup of digital artistry. The project was later removed after not having the official backing of either brand.

Brands and ad agencies have employed Web3 and metaverse specialists to navigate these thorny issues that arise.

Web3 is not slowing down

Web3 is already more than a gimmick. Consumers might be a little slower to port their entire lives into the digital realm, but companies are already there. Major automakers, financial institutions, retailers and others are using the most sophisticated cloud computing, artificial intelligence and connectivity to get the most efficiency out of their operations, including advertising.

In November, French carmaker Renault Group touted a deeper partnership with Google Cloud, using technology such as “digital twins”—computerized counterparts to real-world products and operations. In October, consulting group McKinsey put out a report about how digital twins are one of the first steps along the way to building the “enterprise metaverse.”

Who is a Web3 trailblazer

Any visionary at an ad agency, internet company, startup, brand or Web3 community is up for this honor. Ad Age is looking across the landscape. A Web3 trailblazer could design digital clothing, plan concerts in Fortnite, launch NFT-based loyalty programs, create stylish avatars or work with virtual influencers. The Web3 trailblazer could be an expert in augmented reality or AI-generated art. Most importantly, a Web3 trailblazer sees the potential to build the next generation of brands with technology that is just being built today.


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