February 5, 2023

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5 new TikTok trends that brands can follow

‘Horrified looks from everyone in the room’

Taylor Swift is once again at the center of a TikTok trend—this time based on a line from the title song of her 2010 album “Speak Now.” TikTok user @tswiftmusic uploaded an edited version of the song that eliminated its backing instrumentals in November, but the song excerpt has only begun circulating widely on the platform over the past couple of weeks. TikTok users have taken the song’s lyrics, “All eyes on me / Horrified looks from everyone in the room,” to accompany videos of themselves mouthing along to the words, with on-screen text describing situations that could cause people to give a person “horrified looks.” 

Users have shared nearly 100,000 videos using the audio to both hype embarrassing and bizarre situations, as well as mock things considered “controversial” or “horrifying.” This is what JoJo Siwa did in a video she labeled, “Me literally just existing,” in reference to people criticizing her for her sexuality. User @brookiebarry, on the other hand, shared a video describing the “horrified look” she gave to employees at a hotel she stayed at in Paris when they told her, “we don’t have air conditioning in Paris.” 

To take part in this trend, a brand could produce a video similar to @brookiebarry’s that outlines a moment of minor “horror”—such as a consumer using a product incorrectly or spending more money than they had planned during a sale. They could also showcase a consumer’s immense love for a brand, as Crocs ambassador @ryann_prophet did in a video displaying her 157 pairs of Crocs. 


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