February 6, 2023

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Stonewall and The&Partnership’s film demands trans inclusion in ban on conversion therapy

The&Partnership has got together with Stonewall to raise awareness of the harm that conversion therapy causes. A new film supports a full ban on conversion therapies, including for trans people, who have been in danger of exclusion from the bill, as well as all LGBTQA+ people. (The “A” stands for asexual.)

A proposed ban on all forms of conversion therapy, including practices aimed at transgender people, is undergoing pre-legislative scrutiny by a joint committee. The government, which has a history of u-turns on this issue, has promised that details of the law will be finalised before the autumn.


mSix&Partners are supporting distribution of the film, which was produced through Academy Films and directed by Zhang + Knight. Stonewall is co-ordinating a collective of 21 LGBTQA+ charities for the project.

Toby Allen, ECD at The&Partnership, said: “At The&Partnership, we believe no one should be forced to change who they are, and our film makes clear that ‘conversion therapy’ is not therapy, it’s abuse. We’re proud of all our LGBTQA+ people, and proud to work on this campaign to promote a full ban.”


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