February 6, 2023

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Lunar New Year ads: TikTok, McDonald’s, Apple, Coca-Cola and more

Lunar New Year is this Sunday, and as usual, brands are celebrating in style. There’s a bit of everything this year, from epic brand films to social videos to out-of-home stunts. Here’s a rundown of some of the more notable work that’s been made around the holiday this year.


Fred & Farid Shanghai created TikTok’s Lunar New Year campaign. Featuring actor Andy Lau, it references the traditional Hongbao custom of giving red envelopes filled with money as a gesture of good wishes during the Chinese New Year. But instead of focusing on the amount of money or the mechanism of receiving the Hongbao, the work focuses on good wishes conveyed through a traditional Chinese letter written by Lau himself. The letter, of course, includes a branded call to action: “Sharing a video from time to time is enough to let them know, ‘I care about you.’”


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