February 6, 2023

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Relationship marketing company CM Group rebrands to Marigold

CM Group is now Marigold

CM Group—the martech company behind Campaign Monitor, Cheetah Digital, Emma, Sailthru, Selligent and Vuture—just announced its new name: Marigold. The rebrand is timed to the release of the company’s Consumer Trends Index 2023, the latest edition of its annual global survey of more than 6,000 consumers (more on that below).

The new brand is certainly an improvement over the blandly mysterious CM Group (whose initials came from Campaign Monitor). Incidentally, the marigold is prized by gardeners for being easy to grow in all kinds of soil conditions—and for being deer-resistant to boot. So maybe think of the soil in this metaphor as, say, the unpredictable economy—and ravenous deer as inflation, perhaps?

At any rate, the friendly, more accessible moniker is meant to underscore the company’s focus on relationship marketing, and its role in helping more than 40,000 brands (e.g., American Airlines, Magnolia Bakery, Orangetheory Fitness, TGI Fridays) leverage data to connect with consumers through personalized messaging, loyalty programs and more. (Among Marigold’s slogans: “Make people feel seen, not sold to.”)

Anyhow, a few key takeaways from Marigold’s latest Consumer Trends Index:

• “Consumers are incredibly concerned about current global economic uncertainty, with 60% very pessimistic about both the rising cost of living and economic outlook. Half of consumers are doing less impulsive purchases with most doing more research (50%), waiting for sales (47%) and relying on loyalty benefits (46%) when purchasing from their favorite brands.”

• “As privacy regulations become the norm and third-party tracking cookies edge closer to curtailment, the vast majority of consumers (67%) are cheerily unaware that Google will soon cease tracking activity online in this way. However, 31% are glad about this change, and a further 35% are optimistic it will improve their relationship with brands.”

• “Email remains the most effective channel for driving sales”—beating other digital channels including banner ads and SMS campaigns—“with over half of consumers (52%) purchasing a product directly as a result of an email they received in the last 12 months.”


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