February 5, 2023

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The Secret of Wakany (2022) 2.30 (France) Adland®

Canal+ treats to yet another epic ad, and in this one the art director and stylists clearly had a blast creating a fantasy universe with all of the fantastical clothes and scenes within.

A young couple is instantly hooked on this beautiful fantasy universe, THE SECRET OF WAKANY, and soon buy the merch, and the books, get the logo tattoed on them, buy memorabilia, cosplay as characters, and attend conventions dedicated to the show. They speak Wakany and eat Wakany. We can consider them addicts.

We’ve all had a TV series like this, where we loved every minute of it, until the very end. From “who shot JR” to the Game of Thrones finale. As superfans around the world get ready to watch the last episode together and finally discover the truth behind THE SECRET OF WAKANY – they are in for a huge letdown.

Canal+, creator of original programming, understands this disappointment and tells us that “It’s Never Just Entertainment.”


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