February 6, 2023

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Disney outlines measurement strategy for streaming TV future

“Through our expanded relationship with EDO, we are bringing insights to brands based on the largest and most leaned-in audiences in live sports and events to show the impact of an ad exposure in streaming on cross-screen digital behavior like search and site visits,” said Danielle Brown, senior VP of data enablement and category strategy for Disney Advertising, in a statement.

“This partnership helps build a solid foundation for industry adoption of new outcome-based measurement metrics that allow us to understand convergent TV ad performance,” added Michael Piner,  executive VP of advanced advertising at Mediahub Worldwide.

Disney also announced it would expand its multi-year relationship with Samba TV, one of the measurement alternatives climbing the ranks since Nielsen’s loss of accreditation in 2021. Last year, Disney conducted a 100-advertiser study with Samba TV, which utilizes first-party data collected from device-embedded software, to report reach and frequency across multiple screens.

The results determined Disney’s effectiveness in showing advertising to audiences only once across multi-screen viewing. In some cases, a campaign delivered as high as 56% incremental reach, meaning over half of the viewers for Disney’s digital channels didn’t see the same ad on linear. The company shared these results as evidence of Samba TV’s validity for the new era of measurement, which requires the expansion of traditional metrics.


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