February 6, 2023

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Odd Neighbour / Join our fight against food waste (2022) :30 (UK) Adland®

The ad, which will run across the Sky network and Channel 4, supports Oddbox’s drive for growth through 2023 and beyond, as it looks to become better known outside of London.

Emilie Vanpoperinghe, co-founder of Oddbox, said:

“As we start the new year, we wanted to capitalise on everyone’s good intentions – Oddbox is an easy way to make a positive change for the planet and enjoy some great fresh produce to boot.
Hell Yeah! has helped us create an ad that shows that Oddbox is more than just a veg box – it’s a community, and a way to make a difference that you can feel proud of.”

Dulcie Cowling, founder at Hell Yeah! added:

“One of the things that sets Oddbox apart is the community it has built around its boxes. People love opening them, and we wanted the whole ad to capture the excitement of delivery day. Oddboxers also feel a sense of satisfaction, knowing that they’re doing something positive for climate change, so we wanted to capture their pride without it feeling worthy. We’ve made something that’s warm and uplifting to watch – but at the same time, that celebrates the passion and pride that comes with being an Oddboxer.”

Oddbox is a mission-led start-up that rescues the “too odd” and “too many” fruit and veg at risk of going to waste. It partners directly with growers to take this surplus and odd fruit & veg and delivers its boxes to customers across the country, preventing it from going to waste and creating a positive, measurable positive impact on water use, carbon, and waste reduction.

Oddbox was founded in 2016 and grew six-fold in 2020 alone. It has raised £19m in funding across 2020 and 2021 to further its impact. The brand is already well-known in London and delivers to most cities across England and Wales.


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