September 21, 2023

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Fiat promises no more grey cars in “Operation No Grey​” Adland®

Recently I was car shopping, and I swear all of the cars were grey. Grey. Grey. Grey. So boring!

But Fiat promises to change all that! The Turin-based manufacturer declares that they will no longer produce grey cars and will now focus on offering colors that capture the essence of the Italian sea, sun, earth, and sky. This change will take effect immediately, and to prove it, they sunk a grey car into a giant vat of orange paint.

The handwaving Itlian telling us about this is none other than Fiat CEO Olivier Francois. The spot was shot at the beautiful seaside town of Lerici on the Italian Riviera, so we can see what he means by an Italian color palette.

“Italy is joy, optimism, love, passion, life and what has grey got to do with all that? Nothing!”


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