September 25, 2023

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Fresh Film’s Luiza De Moraes gets tricky for Degree with Nonstop Protection for Aaron Wheelz Adland®

Luiza de Moraes natural talent for beautifully cinematic and honest storytelling laced with adventure ensured she was sought by AMV BDDO to film a world record in the Nevada desert for Degree. Featuring the amazing wheelchair athlete Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham performing an extreme feat – a wheelchair double backflip from a 30ft ramp. And I promise you, I held my breath watching that stunt.

Known for their ability to problem-solve films, this was just another challenge for Fresh Films and producer Jess Lowe. A day before the shoot a surprise rainstorm destroyed the unique – and most importantly level – location they’d found for the shoot. Requiring an emergency solution to find a new location and create some level ground; combined with creating a personalized crash mat for Aaron’s needs and the inevitable insurance nightmare of filming a shoot like this.

The result is a film of gorgeous cinematography and nostalgic old family films, with a nail-biting ending, painting an affecting portrait of Aaron.

Luiza said of the shoot

‘Shooting the Rexona film with Wheelz was by far one of the most challenging, nerve-wracking and humbling films I have ever done in advertising. I have a big background in documentary filmmaking and I have watched live big stunts, but nothing compares to planning something so risky for an advertising shoot. It was incredibly difficult conditions, one of the coldest weeks in Vegas with temperatures around 14-20 Farenheit, it had rained making the terrain tricky for setting up the ramp, and we were all living each moment as it hit us. What was the most striking and memorable was how gracefully Wheelz handled the entire situation – a true extreme sports athlete with just the right amount of crazy and persistent mixed with kindness and perseverance. Such a humbling experience to watch him do what he does best!’


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