October 1, 2023

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Twitch to launch TikTok-like Discovery Feed

The updates are meant to help Twitch be more of a contender in the creator space. In the last few years, Twitch has had to contend with YouTube, which started luring streamers away from Twitch, including Valkyrae and TimTheTatman. Still, Twitch currently draws in an average of more than 31 million daily visitors, with roughly 2.5 million users concurrently viewing some piece of livestreamed content on the site “at any given moment,” per Twitch data. It’s been used by brands including Starbucks, Jack in the BoxCarl’s Jr. and Hardees.

Twitch is also helping steamers make content with each other. Later this fall, a “streaming together” feature will let up to five streamers be live on their own channels, with viewers being able to see all their streams.


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