September 21, 2023

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SeatGeek hires Slap Global as creative agency of record

Bleeding into other channels

The past few years marked SeatGeek’s first significant push into TV and video advertising, which came with some lessons, according to SeatGeek Director of Brand Marketing Melissa Postier. While Postier said the earlier work was “memorable,” the brand will be looking for work in the future that has a more 360 approach as it competes for awareness against larger players in the space, such as StubHub and Ticketmaster.

“The work that we did on the onset was really around just video, we really need to bleed that into other channels and do it well and make sure that everything is well connected,” Postier said. “That’s actually much harder for us to have done with the campaigns that we put in place and it was really hard to pivot some of those things.”

Postier was also looking for a small agency that was nimble and would position campaigns around why SeatGeek is the right choice for audiences.

“Breaking through is only half of the job,” said Gerry Graf, co-founder and chief creative officer of Slap Global. “You’ve got someone’s attention … you can’t waste that opportunity. You have to at that point give the person who’s giving you their time a clear reason why you’re at the very least different.”

Good comes from bad

Slap Global stood out following what Graf characterized as a “bad meeting” where Postier said the agency initially didn’t necessarily nail down the messaging. But the agency asked for feedback that it incorporated into its next meeting—and there it made a big impression.

“We shared some of our thoughts, some of the areas that we thought could be stronger, some of the things we were hoping to see, et cetera. And I will say we were blown away by the final pitch,” Postier said.

“A bad meeting where they didn’t love our first idea turned into a good meeting because we got to show them we can pivot quickly,” Graf said.

SeatGeek will continue to use Wavemaker as its media agency of record, Postier said.


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