September 30, 2023

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Deutsche Telekom creates a message from the future, using young girl whose photos were shared to warn about the dangers of social media. Adland®

Adam & Eve Berlin found a young German girl whose parents were ‘oversharing’ photos on social media. Like most parents do, we share images of fun outings, birthdays, and everyday snaps on our various social accounts – be it Instagram, Facebook, or whatever. They used deepfake tech to age her up so that she could deliver this message.

With this, Deutsche Telekom has shed light on a concerning aspect of social media that some parents may not have considered. Children whose images are posted online could become vulnerable to identity abuse, become memes, and be bullied for it, or worse.

The film “A Message from Ella” showcases a highly advanced deepfake of a child, expertly mimicking human actions and dialogue. This surprises her parents when they see their daughter displayed on the cinema’s large screen.

“Telekom provides the finest and most secure network infrastructure, but alongside accessing this network, we must also equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure the safe and responsible management of our data on the internet. As the field of artificial intelligence advances, it presents both opportunities and risks. In this advertisement, we allow AI to caution us about its own capabilities, simultaneously emphasizing our fascination and awe. We must learn to navigate both aspects prudently,” said Uli Klenke, Chief Brand Officer at Deutsche Telekom.

The ad ends with a link offering “share with care” advice. Some advice from me is to get yourself image storage away from Google Photos because I’m pretty sure they can train their AI with what you’re just casually snapping away.


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