September 21, 2023

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Disney extends CEO Bob Iger’s contract to 2026

Iger, who previously ran the company’s TV business, is credited with beefing up Disney’s creative arsenal. He acquired the Pixar animation studio shortly after becoming CEO in 2005, and later added Marvel’s superheroes and Lucasfilm, parent of Star Wars. As a result, Disney dominated the movie industry with hit after hit in the 2010s. Iger also opened the Shanghai Disneyland resort.

Iger has had less success finding someone to replace him. After briefly making Chief Financial Officer Tom Staggs his second in command, the company named parks chief Bob Chapek as CEO in February 2020.

Chapek’s tenure, which coincided with the pandemic, was rocky, and the board fired him last year after he became embroiled in clashes with talent, staff and Florida officials.

—Bloomberg News


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