October 1, 2023

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Instagram’s Threads: Taco Bell, brand social media managers navigate platform

“On Instagram, we use ‘we,’ but I noticed on a lot of Threads posts people were using this single, first-person voice,” Bourlakas said. “So, I was like, ‘Okay, this can be kind of an interesting angle for us of leaning into this chaotic, singular person running the account, and we can kind of personify that across all our posts no matter who’s writing them.” 

Though brands such as Olipop and Magic Spoon have already embraced this type of playful, casual brand voice across other social platforms, more buttoned-up brands such as Instacart have used the newness of Threads as an opportunity to experiment with an informal and cheeky posting style. The grocery delivery brand is approaching Threads with a similar strategy to Twitter, but has also “been dialing up the playfulness on Threads” and “push[ing] the envelope with [its] overall tone,” Rogelio Magana, senior director of brand strategy and campaigns at Instacart, wrote in an email. 

In one post, for example, Instacart invites other social media managers to engage in a “light brand feud” to drum up engagement on Threads. 


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