October 1, 2023

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Next Gen Production Studio ArtClass Welcomes Director Oren Kaplan Adland®

ArtClass, a leading creative production company, has announced that comedy director Oren Kaplan has joined their roster as a commercial director. Kaplan is known for his expertise in visual effects and his experience working with celebrities, as well as his work with major brands including Amazon, Jeep, Ford, Microsoft, Mattel, Pepsi, and Quiznos. 

“Oren’s approach to filmmaking aligns perfectly with our values at ArtClass,” says Managing Director Rebecca Niles. “His positivity and can-do attitude aligns with our ethos, and his work is innovative and visually stunning. As soon as I saw the flame-thrower shot from his Rebel Wilson spot, I knew I had met my match. We’ve hit the ground running right out of the gate on some exciting campaigns, and the sky’s the limit.” 

“ArtClass is infused with positivity and supports talent in a genuine way” adds Kaplan. “The passion from the team is electric; they see creative opportunity rather than boundaries and have a hand in shaping both advertising and longform content, which is very compelling to me. I look forward to seeing what we develop together.” 

Kaplan’s impressive body of work includes campaigns for major brands such as Amazon, Jeep, Ford, Microsoft, Mattel, Pepsi, and Quiznos. He has a reputation for delivering both laughter and big impact. He also directed the memorable and powerful campaign for Concussion Awareness, starring Rebel Wilson, which highlights the importance of recognizing and treating concussions that’s packed with easter eggs, helmed by Kaplan, throughout. 

Oren’s debut feature, THE HAMMER, premiered at the AFI Film Festival, winning the Breakthrough Film Award. The movie is based on the life of UFC Fighter Matt Hamill and features a cast of primarily Deaf actors. It won seven consecutive audience awards before its theatrical run and release on Netflix. He followed it up with the pulpy action thriller, A MOTHER’S RAGE starring everyone’s favorite aunt and college admissions advisor Lori Loughlin. 

Between directing jobs, Oren works as a Visual Effects Artist on films such as Oscar-winners Nomadland and 20th Century Women. He loves talking to other directors and has hosted over 300 episodes of “Just Shoot It”, a podcast about the craft and business of being a filmmaker. 

Kaplan’s addition to the ArtClass roster further solidifies the company’s reputation as a leader in the creative production industry. With his expertise in visual effects, his experience working with A-list talent, and his track record of success with major brands, Kaplan is poised to make a significant impact on ArtClass and their clients. 


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