September 30, 2023

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Why platform pandemonium has brands rethinking their strategies

There are also tactical implications as far as how brands are actually driving and implementing their strategies. 

“Advertisers are looking at flighting, brand-safety concerns and dayparting, to name a few examples,” said Gregory Aston, director of research and data science at advertising intelligence company Vivvix. “They’re engaging with ad-intelligence data around copy rotation and seeking optimization of their touchpoint strategy across formats—extending to online video like YouTube—because short-form formats drive them closer to points of sale.”

 AVOD ad formats closely resemble linear TV; 95% of AVOD ads are 15-, 30- and 60-second spots and comprise 81% of advertiser buy-in across digital channels. The remainder includes short-form and skippable ads. With 0% buy-in for 60-second slots compared with linear’s 5%, AVOD is moving away from extended-length formats.

We’re now beginning to grasp what platforms will soon be strongholds within the CTV space. Disney+ has already made waves in its first month offering an ad-supported streaming option with considerable advertiser investment, and Netflix will make its entrance to the space this fall.

“CTV was a huge topic in upfront conversations, determining a new balance of assets that brands chose across traditional formats, digital and video,” said Andrew Feigenson, CEO of Vivvix. “Upfronts are largely complete. We can estimate that CTV will have been part of these conversations and that Netflix is prepared to be a new entrant for the year, shaking things up.”


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