September 25, 2023

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Margaux Joffe on embracing the brilliance of neurodivergent minds

The fact that so many women were struggling in silence inspired me in 2015 to launch Kaleidoscope Society, the first-of-its-kind content platform designed to empower others with ADHD by amplifying our lived experiences and curating expert advice. More than 500,000 people accessed the information on our website, and listeners in more than 43 countries heard our podcast “ADHD Decoded”—a “quick-start guide” to understanding the ADHD brain.  

Documenting the stories of others with ADHD forged my path to self-acceptance and healing. ADHD causes legitimate challenges, but our biggest challenges come from a world that never taught us how to value and work with our unique brains.

Around 15-20% of the world’s population, or one in five people, is neurodivergent—meaning we learn, process sensory information and communicate differently. Some of the most creative and brilliant people I’ve worked with have conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, autism, depression anxiety and OCD. 

So why is it that while people with ADHD make up 5-8% of the overall population, we are 60% more likely to be fired from our jobs?

For too long we’ve been operating in a medical model of disability that sees individuals who don’t fit the norm as “broken” or “defective,” a problem to be solved, a defect to be cured.

This means too many neurodivergent employees are grappling with whether or not to disclose, fearing they might lose their job or that they will be treated differently rather than be accommodated. Stigma and fear still hinder the acceptance and inclusion we need to thrive.  


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