September 25, 2023

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Editor Dana Bol Joins Blue Table Post’s Creative Collective Adland®

Blue Table Post is excited to welcome noted editor Dana Bol to its creative collective. Dana is an editor known for developing engaging and authentic narratives in both advertising and long form documentary. Her branded collaborations include campaigns for Gillette, HP, US Navy, Esquire, Heineken, Nautica and Ford, as well as experiential multi-screen installation projects for L’Oreal, NBC Universal, and WWE, among others.  

Prior to Dana joining Blue Table Post, Dana edited a documentary project via the studio on philanthropist Doris Buffet. Following the success of this collaboration, the conversations about deepening the alliance quickly and organically evolved.  

“Dana and I have known each other for many years, and I have long admired her ability to shape stories that are rooted in human connection,” Blue Table Post Founder/Editor Oliver Lief explains. “She’s someone who places emphasis on fostering connections, which is evident in her storytelling, client relationships, and her working with integrated creative teams.” 

“There are so many elements that make this an exciting and welcome opportunity for all of us,” Dana relates. “Among them, the ability to unite our shared interest contributing to a diversity of content, and to help give further voice to the special experience that Blue Table Post provides. Constructing stories that have emotional voracity is an honor – whether for a brand, in a documentary, or a live experience.” 

Dana’s early interest in editing was sparked when she studied avant-garde cinema at the University of Colorado, Boulder, engendering a lifelong passion for expressive cinema and multi-layered imagery. A member of Free The Work, Dana has played key roles at a number of noted companies and was the founder of both arc*light editorial and Tallgirl. Her time stewarding companies and building teams provided a unique vantage point to the business side of the industry and an appreciation for the environment, mission and vision of Blue Table Post.  

In addition to her ability to craft a story through editing, Dana is experienced in working in motion graphics, animation and compositing; and studied experiential space design at Parsons School of Design. Through her editorial and creative work experiences she became intensely curious about the crossover between 2D/3D computer generated imagery and architectural space, which has informed her work in cutting-edge immersive video installations.  

She’s also an accomplished painter, another connection point to Oliver Lief whose appreciation for all facets of artistic practice led Blue Table Post to host an ongoing series of fine art shows encompassing photography, sculpture, painting and multimedia.   



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