September 25, 2023

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Gen Z marketing—everything brands need to know about reaching young consumers

What are Gen Z’s favorite brands?

Gen Z has several favorite brands, with the top 5 including YouTube, Google, Netflix, Amazon and M&Ms, according to Morning Consult’s Gen Z’s Favorite Brands 2022 report. Doritos, Nike, Cheetos and Walmart also made the list.

The report also found that the top five most-favored brands among Gen Z men were YouTube, Gatorade, Playstation, Google and Walmart. Compared to Gen Z women, they favored more gaming and sports brands, including Logitech, Epic Games, the NFL and Discord. 

For Gen Z women, their most-favored brands were YouTube, Google, Netflix, Target and M&Ms. Compared to Gen Z men, women heavily favored makeup brands, including Ulta Beauty, e.l.f Cosmetics, NYX and Revlon.

There are also brands that have been gaining traction with Gen Z. Converse twice in the last year has topped Ad Age’s Gen Z Harris Poll, which measures brand momentum with the group. 

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The shoe brand has reached various Gen Z audiences by giving college students the chance to customize their Chuck Taylors. For Black History Month, the shoe brand launched a “Black Joy” collection, which melded streetwear with floral patterns. Other brands making the Gen Z Harris Poll ranking included Rubbermaid, Lego and Schick.


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