October 1, 2023

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Taco Bell wins ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademark battle

During a Reddit AMA in May, Taco Bell Chief Marketing Officer Taylor Montgomery defended the chain’s decision to file a petition from fans who said they didn’t like seeing Taco Bell “picking on the little guy.”

“We actually aren’t suing Taco John’s at all,” Montgomery replied, referring to the petition. “We’re simply making official (you know, legally) what taco lovers already know: that Taco Tuesday is a common term. Therefore, under the law, Taco Tuesday isn’t a trademark at all. Not only is that right legally, Taco Tuesday should be liberated so EVERYONE can freely use the term. Not just for Taco Bell, but Taco John’s too, and the truly small businesses that benefit from Taco Tuesday—your favorite local taco shop.”

Taco John’s owned the right to use the “Taco Tuesday name in commerce in every state except New Jersey, where it is still owned by Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar in Somers Point. Taco Bell has filed a separate challenge to that trademark, which is pending. 

Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar co-owner Gregory Gregory does not have plans to give up its trademark, he told Reuters


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