September 25, 2023

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Why American Eagle is a Threads early adopter

The account just hit 155,000 followers and continues to grow. How do you feel engagement has been so far and how does it compare with your expectations?

I’m not even sure we had expectations. American Eagle has been a first mover on new social media platforms. We were the first brand to move onto BeReal, we’ve been on Lemon8 and obviously, now we’re one of the first to jump on Threads. This plays into our ethos of Gen Z always wants what’s new, what’s now, what’s next.

Threads has exceeded expectations out the door in terms of how many people have signed up and are now on that platform.

It speaks to the desire to find the right platform—I’m not saying Twitter can’t be that in the future—but the right platform for this short-form message content. Threads, at least a week out, has filled that void for people, brands and organizations that were feeling that they might need to take a break from Twitter.

I saw American Eagle ran a “Sex and the City” Carrie post earlier. It feels like some of your messages are targeting a host of age groups beyond just Gen Z. How does that play into your strategy?

We’re open to interacting with anyone. I have two Gen Z teenage daughters at home and the eldest is a fan of the original “Sex and the City” and that along with “Mean Girls” have really connected with Gen Z. So “Sex and the City” and “Mean Girls” are a great example of something that does connect with Gen Z but could also connect with broader generations and also millennials who loved those movies and programs.


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