September 21, 2023

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Advertisers can increase digital ad attention by optimizing campaigns before bidding

The study found that pre-bid optimization reduced costs, with advertisers seeing an 18% savings in CPM for display ads. The savings carried over to video ads as well, with the cost per complete video dropping 42% on pre-bid optimized videos.  

“Attention is a baseline metric for media, particularly in the programmatic space, and many of our studies examine how to capture and maintain eyeballs,” said Kara Manatt, Magna’s executive VP, managing director, intelligence solutions. “When we test new strategies and new ad products, we can find that something works better, but what really matters is how cost-efficient it is.”

A previous Magna study found that digital ads with higher engagement also produced fewer emissions. 

Realizing this, the new study integrated Scope3 emissions data into pre-bid optimization and found that this optimization decreased emissions per impression by 28%. 


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