October 1, 2023

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op – “Even a proper donut knows Members save more with Member Prices” (2023) (UK) Adland®

Co-op’s latest brand campaign aims to support its membership proposition and the launch of Member Prices, presenting a disruptive and playful approach in the competitive advertising landscape. The multi-channel campaign, launching on July 19, emphasizes the money-saving benefits of being a Co-op Member. It features a regular Co-op shopper visually represented as a ‘Proper Donut’ who enthusiastically talks about the advantages of Co-op’s new Member Prices.

In a significant shift, the character is shown shopping in-store and interacting with other customers, informing them about the savings they can enjoy as Co-op Members. The campaign’s message concludes by acknowledging the donut character’s feature and urges viewers to sign up for Member Prices. The donut character will be prominently featured across print, digital out-of-home, and social media ads.

Kenyatte Nelson, Chief Membership and Customer Officer at Co-op, stated that Member Prices are a compelling reason to join Co-op, especially amid the cost-of-living crisis. The campaign is designed to grab consumers’ attention, showcasing the various benefits of being a Co-op Member, such as Member Prices, personalized offers, contributions to local community causes, and involvement in business decisions.

Introduced in April 2023, Member Prices are a top priority in Co-op’s marketing efforts, with 65 percent of the annual budget committed to promoting the initiative. The campaign, led by Kenyatte Nelson, aims to raise awareness of Member Prices and drive Membership acquisition and sales penetration. It was developed in collaboration with Lucky Generals and Co-op’s agency partners, including MullenLowe Group, Dentsu, and ITG.

Lucky Generals said: “What could be more charming than a 6 ft tall talking donut sharing his Member Price wisdom with fellow shoppers and proving that even a Proper Donut knows Co-op Members save more.”


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