September 25, 2023

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Posters in the ‘Say Maaate to a mate’ integrated campaign from the Mayor of London and Ogilvy. Adland®

Today the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and Ogilvy UK unveiled a new campaign to empower men and boys to say ‘Maaate’ to their mates. The idea is that the word applied correctly can challenge misogynistic male behaviour against women and girls nationwide.

‘Say Maaate to a mate’ is an integrated campaign combining creativity and behavioral science, but can we just take a moment here to admire the posters in the campaign for their typographic illustration style take on how the word “mate” can shut down sexist comments?

I mean look at them, these posters really stand out. We have a steamroller ‘maaate’, a sledgehammer ‘maaate’ and a two-ton weight ‘maaate’. Nice execution here.


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