September 25, 2023

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Duolingo’s ‘Barbie’ movie cameo leads to new ad

“When the Mattel team and the Warner Bros. team mentioned that we’d be featured in the ‘Barbie’ film, I think we were all expecting Duo was somehow being featured to some extent,” he said. “But even though it was actually just our sound effect, we wanted to jump on that moment with Duo and the persona we have around Duo of being kind of an influencer now.”

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After hearing about Duolingo’s Easter egg in the film, Kuczynski and the marketing team immediately secured Duo’s appearance at the Los Angeles “Barbie” premiere, where the green owl mascot rubbed elbows (or wings) with the movie’s biggest stars, including Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and macro-influencers including Alix Earle and Chris Olsen.

The team quickly designed a hot pink, sparkly cowgirl-inspired vest and pants set, along with a tiny white cowboy hat, for Duo to wear to the premiere, as a nod to an outfit Robbie wears as Barbie in the film.


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