October 1, 2023

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Lisa G & Co Represents + BLUSH Gather At Camp Lucky Adland®

Camp Lucky is thrilled to partner with Deirdre (Dee) Rymer Rivard (BLUSH) and Lisa Gimenez (Lisa G & Co Represents) for exclusive West Coast and Texas representation. Lisa and Dee are longtime partners and known throughout the industry for being a global resource for brands, agencies and creative companies. Both are passionate about bringing together advertising and production minds to create original, immersive, and strategic experiences.  

Camp Lucky is a team of experienced artists and producers who create live action production, editorial, design, animation, visual effects, color and audio. They help clients bring stories to audiences on any screen or proverbial campfire, with the goal of making a lasting impression with integrity, creativity, and quality.  

Both Lisa and Dee explain that Camp Lucky’s holistic offerings make for a great complement to their roster. “We’ve known about Camp Lucky for quite a while, but it was when we sat down with Brandon in person that we knew it was a great match,” says Rymer Rivard. “They have incredible production and post talent, but moreover they place great importance in being a resource for clients. They’ve built so many lasting relationships and it’s easy to see why.” 

“I could tell within the first few minutes of meeting with Lisa and Dee that we would be working together,” says Brandon Tapp, Camp Lucky EP. “You work with your reps so closely; conversations multiple times a day, strategizing on developing talent, collaborating on representing your company in the best light. It really does transcend a business relationship.  For me, it has to feel like family, and that was there from the first time we met.” 

“They have a great marriage of creative culture and experience that provides turnkey solutions for agencies and brands,” agrees Gimenez. “They are responsive, enthusiastic and wholeheartedly interested in exploring ideas to put the best on screen. That’s what people really need in a creative partner, and we are excited to see what we can do together.” 

“With Lisa and Dee, it’s more of a collaboration than traditional talent representation,” notes Tapp. “They are connected to the work, the history of our company, and the capabilities we provide in a way that makes our workflow effortless. I have complete trust in their vision and very experienced insight into how our company should be presented within their market.” 

For more on Camp Lucky please visit https://www.camp-lucky.com/ 


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