September 30, 2023

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Orange and French Football Federation team up to rally support for Les Bleues with mind-blowing deepfake Adland®

As soon as watched it, I had to out on my private account, and that was picked up by football-fanatic friends who tweeted it out as well. See, football fans can’t help but watch it, which is why the rug-pull is so damned effective in the end.

It’s a very clever use of “deepfake” to get the point across. You just enjoyed all of these exciting goals and masterful footie, and it wasn’t done by the men’s team, but the women’s. For some football fans, who never watch the women’s tournaments, this will come as a real eye-opener.

Even though women’s football is gaining more attention, a bunch of guys at Durham University did a study and found that a whopping two-thirds of male football fans still have some seriously negative attitudes toward women’s sports.

Kudos to the genius minds at agency Marcel, Paris, for coming up with this clever and eye-opening ad. It’s about time we all cheer on women’s football just as much as men’s. Let’s get ready to support the amazing athletes in the 2023 Women’s World Cup! 🙌


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