September 25, 2023

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Creator marketing news and trends—Paris Hilton teams up with Mschf and Crocs, TikTok launches text posts

Linktree adds Threads integration: Link in bio tool Linktree announced it has integrated Threads into its social media ecosystem. This new feature means creators can connect directly to their Threads account along with their other social media accounts on Linktree and embed Threads posts themselves among their collection of links. Linktree’s blog post announcing its Threads integration highlights the tumult surrounding Musk’s “X” rebranding, stating, “In light of recent news, such as Twitter’s shift to ‘X,’ using a platform like Linktree to direct audiences to the profiles they value most is incredibly useful.”

Short-form surges on Snapchat and YouTube: In quarterly reports from Snap and Alphabet earlier this week, the two companies revealed their social platforms’ respective short-form content hubs—Snapchat’s Spotlight and YouTube’s Shorts—have seen jumps in viewership over the past year. 

In its investor letter, Snap announced that from April through June, monthly active users of Spotlight averaged around 400 million, more than double usage a year earlier. Meanwhile, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, reported Shorts viewership increased by 500 million logged-in users in the past year, from 1.5 billion to 2 billion.

Instagram expands subscriptions worldwide: A year and a half after Instagram rolled out its subscriptions feature for U.S. creators, enabling these creators to lock exclusive content and other benefits behind a paywall, Instagram announced it will be launching subscriptions in 10 additional countries. In a Tuesday blog post, Instagram listed the countries that will soon receive access to the feature, including Canada, Brazil, Australia and the U.K., and shared an “Instagram Subscriptions Playbook” for creators. The platform also plans to continue expanding subscriptions to more countries in the coming months, per its blog post.


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