October 1, 2023

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Led by Founder Dana Astrow, Talent Recruitment Company ARC Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary Milestone Adland®

Led by Founder & Industry Leader Dana Astrow, talent recruitment company ARC celebrates its 15th Anniversary.  Joined by Partner Sally Coonan and Lisa Sabatino, ARC honors its 15 years in business serving clients in the creative industry. ARC matches stellar candidates (such as Managing Directors, Executive Producers, Heads of Production, Directors, Visual Effects Artists, Editorial & Post Producers), with their most suitable positions and companies.  

ARC’s Client List includes many of the top entertainment companies in the industry today:  


“After leaving a 15-year career in sales, I started ARC as a one-woman ‘fix all’ to help solve a variety of sales & marketing needs in the content/advertising industry,” shares Astrow. “On this journey, I soon realized my passion was recruiting: helping companies find great talent and helping great talent find great places to work and grow. Five years in, I did my own recruiting by asking Sally Coonan to join me as my East Coast Partner. Five years later, we recruited Lisa Sabatino to join us on the West Coast. We are a mighty team of  three, like-minded, no stone unturned, thoughtful individuals who I have the good fortune to spend my days with while we unearth great talent.” 

Founded by Dana Astrow in 2008, ARC is a boutique, female-owned and operated recruitment company firmly situated in the advertising and brand content creation world. Covering the U.S. and U.K. markets, ARC services both production and post production, working diligently to connect creative professionals and content makers in successful and long-lasting hires.  

“It is such an honor to work with these phenomenal ladies,” adds Sabatino. “I think what Dana started 15 years ago is truly unparalleled in our business.  As advertising and brand work continues to progress and evolve, our goal is for ARC to do the same and service existing and new clients with even fresher and more nuanced candidates.  We are very seriously moving more into various platforms and different forms of brand content, as there is such tremendous crossover between the traditional and the new.  I can’t wait to see where we are 15 years from now.” 

Unaffiliated by ARC is the newest division to the company, responding to the evolving and industry shifting demand for Directors and Content Makers. Using their market leading experience, a 200+ member collection of some of the most innovative, seasoned, and diverse freelance directorial talent has been curated to respond to any genre, budget or project, quickly connecting an organization with a Director that best fits their needs.  

“I was honored to work alongside Dana 10 years ago when I joined as her East Coast partner,” expresses Coonan. “When Lisa came on board, without skipping a beat, she blended into ARC so seamlessly. We became a natural trio that I feel constantly grateful to be a part of.  Even more so, when we have our hard days. I look forward to continuing to build on what we have already created, all the while staying true to the integrity and taste that Dana wove into the fiber of the company from day one.” 


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