October 1, 2023

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Black media is being hurt by agency blocklists—how Group Black and DoubleVerify are looking to fix it

“The issue was amplified a couple of years ago when agencies and brands started to focus on supporting Black-owned media companies,” said Kerel Cooper, president of advertising at Group Black. “You pledge to spend all this money, but some of the legacy buying practices prevent you from spending these dollars.” 

Using its proprietary artificial intelligence brand safety tool, DoubleVerify can look at individual web pages to determine their suitability for ad placement, instead of blocking whole websites with broad strokes. For example, many brands and agencies have “Obama” on blocklists, which dates back to his time as president, Cooper said. Putting his name on the blocklist was not unusual as many brands don’t want to be associated with political content. Group Black and DoubleVerify’s system is designed to advise clients to remove Obama’s name from blocklists because Obama hasn’t been in office since 2017 and has gone on to do things outside of politics, including playing a big role in Black culture. 



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